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Lisa joins

MetaCity M 

Settle into LISA's 25 Cities Around the World!

Players will have a chance to live in the same town as LISA or even become her neighbor!

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About Megaverse Game

Consisting of senior industry professionals across game development, technology, design, marketing, product management and customer service, our team is passionately committed to creating games for the whole world to enjoy. Through the integration of all-new WEB3 blockchain technology, game commodities, economies, and game IPs can all realize true decentralization, putting players at the heart of the strategy with digital assets and currencies at their disposal. Moreover, players can not only play but also earn, through in-game play. The overriding aim is to truly realize “Fight&Earn” through unprecedented game worlds, such as that seen in “Ready Player 1“, which has offered us unending inspiration in our quest to bring the joy of “Play” to the world.

Rich Game Content

Combined Web3 Blockchain Technology

Integrated Cryptocurrency



Our Games

War of GAMA delivers fantasy to reality and redefines what it means to be an MMORPG. Unleash your fury in battle, and wage war on a global scale! Featuring an authentic, classic RPG style, Blood Pact mechanics, and boss battles, all that's left is for you to take up the challenge. Godly dungeons and bloody battles await!


MetaCity M is the first open-world metaverse game featuring Blackpink's LISA as a global model. Players become MetaMasters and get the chance to become the neighbor of the global model LISA in-game. Jump in to find limited edition collab items and kick off your Metaverse life!

MetaCity M
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Our Team






Tech. Advisor

Blockchain Advisor

Project Manager





Marketing Director

Marketing Director

3D Artist

UI Design




Liquidity - 1%
Public Round - 2%
Private Round - 10%
Seed Round - 6%
Team - 1%
Ecosystem - 6%
Treasury - 40%
Marketing - 13%
Advisors - 7%

Contact Us

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  • MetaCity M : 1st Closed Beta

  • War of GAMA : 1st Closed Beta

  • Airdrop to DAOs

  • Tokenomics Model Released

  • MetaCity M : 2nd Closed Beta

  • MetaCity M : 3rd Closed Beta

  • War of GAMA: 2nd Closed Beta

  • NFTs launchpad

  • Token Staking Mechanism

  • Get listed on DEX

  • MetaCity M : Open Beta

  • War of GAMA : Open Beta

  • Launch on Android and iOS

  • Entertainment system integration

  • Game Token exchanges market released

  • Complete Private Round & IDO

  • IP partnership

  • Endorser collaboration product

  • Brand Exclusive Metaverse Towns


  • IP partnership

  • Endorser collaboration product

  • Brand Exclusive Metaverse Towns

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